About me

My name is Jaime R. Portmann (Born February 27, 1988 – Pisces). I am an active bodybuilding athlete at the Danish Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (DBFF) winner of the NC & DM 2019 Muscular Men’s Physique titles.


I was born in Madrid, Spain where I took my first steps into the fitness lifestyle. I started training at a very late age, I was 20 years old back in 2008. I had never lift weights before and I barely weighted 65kg, I was a very thin kid that wanted to grow.

First steps weren’t easy.. As many of you starting the fitness journey isn’t easy mostly because lack of information or support, so as you can expect the first 5 years there was not much progress until I figure out that nutrition was key. I dumped the protein shakes and focus on eating much and constant, after that and countless hours spent in the gym, progress came along.

Today I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, from competitive bodybuilding, endurance training and personal training.

Height: 184cm

Weight: 95kg – 5%bf

Arm size: 48cm

Bench PR: 170kg


Current workout:

*Focus Back, Legs, Arms.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Chest Biceps Legs Shoulders Triceps Legs Back

Exercises (in order):

Chest: Bench press, incline dumbbell press, high cable flies, low cable flies, one-arm cross-body chest press, Smith-machine incline chest press.

Biceps: Barbell preacher curl, plate hammer curl, one-arm dumbbell preacher curl, standing cable curls (with rope) drop-set, one-arm high cable curls.

Legs: Front squat, leg press, one-leg hamstrings curls, leg extensions, two-legs hamstrings curls, terminal knee extension exercises (with resistances ban).

Shoulders: Bench press, dumbbell shoulder press, military press, Smith-machine shoulder press, lateral arm raises.

Triceps: Rope pulldowns, standing overhead barbell triceps extension, one-arm triceps extensions, one-arm reverse triceps push down.

Back: Pull-ups, 90 deg cable pulldowns, one-arm cable pulldowns, one-arm machine pull downs, dumbbell rows, machine rows, swimmer lat pulldowns.


*4-5 sets each exercise, 10-12 reps for warmup and 6-failure reps on each set.


Current diet:

I take 5-6 meals + 6 shakes a day:

  • Meal 1 ( 06:00 am ) consists of – 4 eggs + 100g oats + 40g Mixed Nuts + Banana
  • 250 kcal (20g protein & 40g carbs) shake
  • Meal 2 ( 09:00 am )  consists of – Peanut butter & jelly sandwich
  • 250 kcal (20g protein & 40g carbs) shake
  • Meal 2 ( 12:00 am ) consists of – 250g Chicken Breast + 250g Potato pure or Rice
  • 250 kcal (20g protein & 40g carbs) shake
  • Meal 3 ( 03:00 pm )  consists of – Ham & cheese sandwich + Banana
  • 250 kcal (20g protein & 40g carbs) shake
  • Meal 4 ( 06:00 pm ) consists of – 250g Steak + 250g Potato pure or Rice
  • Pre workout meal consists of – Banana + Peanut butter + honey
  • PWO (During workout) – 2 Litters water + 1 scoop pwo, 1 scoop EAA, 2 electrolytes tabs
  • Post workout meal consists of – Banana + honey & Pickles
  • 250 kcal (20g protein & 40g carbs) shake
  • Meal 5 ( 20:00 pm )  consists of – 4 eggs + 150g Potato pure or Rice
  • 250 kcal (20g protein & 40g carbs) shake

This roughly Totals to around: Calories – +5,000 kcal, Protein – 220g, Carbohydrates – 300g, Fats – 85g.


I’m currently focusing my energy on helping people reach their psychical and mental fitness potential through 1:1 coaching and writing on social media that help them: (1) optimize their health, (2) improve their self-confidence and self-understanding, and (3) improve their relationships with their partners, friends and families.

I’ve worked as model for some commercials and as brand ambassador form brands such as BulkPowders & UnderArmour.

For model enquiries please contact Maria form basiccph.com

In terms of titles, there’s Founder of Seasonsail & SimpleFitness and Senior web developer.

See my full resume here.



To help people be at their best and to push their potential.



  • Boat owner before 30.
  • Ran the Copenhagen Marathon 2019 (4:48) the day after my debut at the DBFF NC 2019 where I won gold.
  • DBFF DM 2019 Muscular Men’s Physique winner.
  • Write a book about fitness and lifestyle. Check the book now ↓


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Personal Goals

Become an Ironman finisher, build a house from scratch and a happy family, open a restaurant or a gym.

Also, have the most insane physique in Ibiza season 2022.


Ongoing practices

Express gratitude daily, learn daily, fail daily.



A better self leads to a better world