SATS – Fitness, motion & træning!

Sats is the middle child. It is a franchise but going more to the high end side. It’s a great gym, not cheap but not pricy either. It has  okay opening hours and a wide range of services.

Pricing: It is not cheap

It is not the cheapest gym around, from the average 250.-/month, they charge you almost 500.-/month, that only including access to the gym, no classes. If you want to sign up to any class the price goes up.

All the centers also have a shop at the entrance with clothing a protein shakes and bars. It’s really tempting, specially after a hardcore session you will most probably end up buying something.. So put that on your budget.


Machines: Mostly everything

Unless you got to the gym an rush hour (5pm) you wont need to wait to use a machine. They have a good selection of machines, weights and cable grips by TechnoGym.


Locations: Few locations but in strategic places

There are do not have as many centers as FitnessWorld does, but they are place in key points in the city, very accessible and most of them great and spacious locations.


Cleaning: Spotless.

Occasionally you will find sand in the changing room and missing toilet paper but overall they take very good care of cleaning.


Overall: It’s a great gym

Once you try Sats it’s going to be hard to come back to any other gym, it has great staff and great services. Oh, did I forget to mention the sauna? 🙂

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Price - 8
Clean - 9
Friendly - 8
Time - 6
Locations - 8
Equipment - 6
Wellness - 7