TarGet Gym – Fitness og Styrketræning

TarGet gym is a raw gym located in Kastrup, Amager (Near the airport). Owned by a great group of people is a well known gym by the fitness community in Copenhagen.
The people who train at target are mostly active or profesional bodybuilding and strongman athletes.


Pricing: Fair price

Price is fair; 284.-/month for part time access or 399.-/month for full time access.


Machines: Literally, everything

It is a raw, you will find all kind of machines, cables and grips to target every muscle and angle.

I can’t forget to mention they have dumbbells up to 100kgs, yes, 100ks!!


Locations: Unique location

It is a unique place, and there is only one location. The place is spacious and has an outer door which is great to train shirtless during summer.


Cleaning: Old school.

Some dumbbells have some dust on them, specially the 100kg dumbbells.. and the outdoor equipment is a bit rusty, but they also have brand new equipment.


Overall: It’s a gem

It is not for everyone, it’s for people who takes fitness seriously and what to reach that next level.

You will learn a lot from the people who works and trains there. It’s not just a gym but a community.



All days of the week:
kl. 04-01

Monday-Friday: 08-21
Saturday / Sunday: 09-14


Amager Strandvej 418
(Inside the yard) 2770 Kastrup


Tel: 42 65 02 61

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Price - 10
Clean - 9
Friendly - 10
Time - 9
Locations - 7
Equipment - 10
Wellness - 7