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02 | Maximize your physical Fitness |

Fitness is more than getting in shape and looking good. It is a lifestyle. It is to be driven by change and to be willing to better yourself. Work hard to achieve balance.

02.1 | Your physical body

Understand how your body works. Basic representation of your body structure:

Your muscles & brain use calories during the day to keep the body running. In average we use;

Take controll

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Workout, nutrition, coaching and everything you need to know to start your fitness journey today!

  • Introduction to fitness
  • Maximize your physical fitness
  • Maximize your mental fitness
  • Find true happiness through fitness
Download the book now
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What my clients says about me

Jonathan Billar March 11, 2021

This book is life-changing! I am so inspired and, frankly, relieved at Jaime’s work.

Leila Castillo March 11, 2021
Mind opening and self empowering

Clear and straight to the point. I’ve lear so much about fitness as about my self by reading this book.

Vlad Garau March 12, 2021

Jaime is a unique person! Going thru this journey has never been this easy, but Jaime make is possible!

Thomas R. March 12, 2021
Changed my life.

I bought this book wanting to learn how to get fit and finally get a summer board wash. I got more than that. I has helped me develop as a person in ways I didn’t know.


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    The Simplefitness book .pdf download is FREE.

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    Yes, I do group coaching sessions up to 20 people. Contact me to receive an special offer.

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