Top 10 best gym’s in Denmark

Are you looking to start your fitness journey but don’t know what fitness center to choose? Think wisely, your center is a very important part for you to acomplish your goal, It will be the place you will sped an important part of your time and your day, this decision should be taken seriously. I know this can be a hard decision to take are there are so many options! For this reason I have put together the final list of the top 10 best fitness centers in Denmark.

My rating criteria:

Our team have taken in consideration the most important values at the time of choosing a gym and rated it from 1-10, we have also combined this rating with user feedback, The values we have taken in consideration are;

  1. Price.; We always hope to get the best price. Altho this does not always comes with better service. We have taken the value/service into considreation.
  2. Cleaning; The gym is like our home, and as such we want it to be clean and tidy. No dust or trasho laying around and fresh toilet.
  3. Friendliness.; The gym is a place to share with friends and strangers and we hope to be treated with care. From the staff in the reception to fellow training mates.
  4. Time; Each individual has its own schedule, some of has has special working needs and family to take care of. But this wont stop us. So a 24/7 gym is a valuevale assets.
  5. Locations; One of the most important factors at the time to select a gym. The closest to your home the best. Altho sometimes there are exceptions.
  6. Equipment; Different machines for different purposes to target each muscle the right way, that is the objective. The more equipment here is as important as the stat of it. Sometimes this breaks, or needs to be conditioning and fix.
  7. Wellness; Some gyms have sauna or steamroom, nothing better to relax the muscles after a killing workout.


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