Body SDS

Body SDS

Body SDS is the abbreviation for the treatment system Body Self Development´s System. Body SDS was founded in Copenhagen in the late 1940s by Erland Hartung (b. 1913), who had a unique approach to the body.

This treatment form in hands on whole body’s treatment, focusing on physical as well as mental and emotional tensions, in the form of accumulated emotions and thoughts that might have settled in the body. Through various massage techniques, pulsation, zone pressure and use of the breath Brith focuses on releasing energetic blockages and restore balance in body and mind.


Body SDS is thus based on long-term development and many proven theories. But the underlying philosophy is simple; All the many impressions and expressions of everyday life are rooted in the body, your body depicts your well-being – and the physique and the psyche are thus not two separate elements, but a whole.

In modern society, we are burdened on a myriad of fronts. Many do not use their body properly: We get tension, wear and tear, discomfort and illness. We let ourselves be stressed, get performance anxiety, are characterized by high ambitions, and we lose profits.

At the same time, there are many emotions that are not “allowed”, such as anger, vulnerability, nervousness, and thus our “inner space” is pressured. With the methods that our founders have built up, we remedy clients’ physical defects (eg bad back, neck problems, etc.), internal physical discomfort (organ problems) and mental problems such as the welfare disease stress and worries in everyday life.

The idea behind it is that all our disciplines, training as well as treatment and cleansing aim to improve the individual’s flaws and challenges.


Where to find it?

You can check the official Body SDS website or I personally recommend  to contact Johnny Hauge, he is a  Manuvision therapist, founder of Drivkraft, a body therapy practice with the top services such as Body SDS, Manual therapy and Yoga.


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